quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Conclusão do sequestro do avião no México

Recebi no e-mail corporativo hoje. Acho que resume bem o caso. Só podia acontecer na América Latina, mesmo. Nada mais a declarar.

From all the bizarre things that happened in Mexico this year, by far the bizarre-est if that word exists is yesterdays plane hijacking.

The perpetrator is a Bolivian singer/Christian leader with a TV show who had a vision that on 09/09/09 Mexico would suffer a major earthquake. The date inverted is 666, also known as the number of the beast. Therefore to avoid the hijacker wanted the pilot to fly over Mexico city 7 times. The pilot told him there was no more gas to fly 7 times and that's when the mess began.

When negotiators talked to the hijacker, named José Marc Flores Pereira, he said he a total of 4 people in his team.

When the police captured him, there was only one person, himself. They asked him about the other 3 members he said "the father, son and holy spirit" were the other 3.

This is all true, happened yesterday in Mexico city.

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