quarta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2013

Como ganhar na loteria

Lembrei do nosso João Alves lendo isso no Why Nations Fail:

It was January 2000 in Harare, Zimbabwe. Master of Ceremonies Fallot Chawawa was in charge of drawing the winning ticket for the national lottery organized by a partly state-owned bank, the Zimbabwe Banking Corporation (Zimbank). The lottery was open to all clients who had kept five thousand or more Zimbabwe dollars in their accounts during December 1999. When Chawawa drew the ticket, he was dumbfounded. As the public statement of Zimbank put it, "Master of Ceremonies FAllot Chawawa could hardly believe his eyes ehn the ticket drawn for the Z$100,000 prize was handed to him and he saw His Excellency RG Mugabe written on it."

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Fabio Storino disse...

Inacreditável desfaçatez...

Pra sair bonito no disco, Drunk: "ehn" --> "when" e "FAllot" --> "Fallot".