terça-feira, 17 de agosto de 2010

Drunkeynesian no twitter

Fiz uma conta no twitter há algum tempo... mas ainda não consegui achar nenhuma utilidade para ela além de colocar links para os textos que escrevo aqui. Quem quiser acompanhar, vai lá:

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Anônimo disse...

esqueci de avisar, não [e vírus,.
olha um trecho pra ficar com vontade de ler:
It's hard to remember a time like the present where the financial markets were so driven by the news of the day rather than longer term trends. The EU bank stress tests, for example, were all we could talk about on the Friday they were released in July, but by lunch time the following Monday investors had already moved on. How many times during the current earnings season did we have a day where stocks sold off due to one bad report, only to rebound the following day when another company reported a good number? On one day, investors will buy anything with a ticker, but then the next day they won't touch stocks with a ten foot pole.

This phenomenon is what we call the "drive by" market. Investors and the market are no longer looking forward to what's ahead. At the same time, we ignore the rear view mirror for historical perspective, trends, or parallels. Instead, we are looking out the side window. As we muddle along, instead of anticipating and analyzing, we react. When something comes into view, it gets our attention and we act, but the minute we pass it, it’s gone for good. This morning's monumental

Drunkeynesian disse...

Concordo - e é exasperante para quem trabalha com mercado ver a opinião média mudar a cada cinco minutos.